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Shreya Mehta presents “Immersion,” a virtual exhibition of four series of drawings and paintings by the New York based artist. Each series— “Traces, Liquid Tapestries, Identity, and Karma” — seeks to confront a distinct aspect of the artist’s identity. Mehta’s “Traces” drawings re-create significant photographs in graphite and gold leaf to capture the sublime sensations evoked by the original scene in her memory. The “Identity” paintings are non-objective, weaving layered inscriptions of the word “identity” into an abstracted landscape of English, Dutch, and Gujarati. The visual culture of the artist’s home country is explored in her “Liquid Tapestries,” whose lively ornamentation references traditional Indian craft and architecture. Mehta’s most intimate series on view is likely her “Karma” paintings. These highly expressive works “translate Karma into a visual format” of translucent Indigo dye. The end composition is primordial, inviting us to bear witness to Mehta’s “sum of her own actions in this or previous existences and its effects in this present moment.”

Consistent among all of Shreya Mehta’s art is a keen recognition of the scale of human identity. Mehta knows that true introspection is never the product of solipsism. In the works on display in “Immersion,” we discover that her sense of self straddles the familial, cultural, and spiritual realms.

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