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The painting we purchased depicts a powerful women in a natural setting. I love the delicate style and neutral color palette — it complements our muted, contemporary furnishings. We continue to receive many compliments.

Mansi K

Brooklyn, NY

Art is not what you see, but what you can make others see..... And that's what's Shreya has brought to life. Her passion and imagination run parallel to create the beautiful pieces of work. A highly talented and very disciplined of nature, her paintings are a collection of various topics. Generally, a painter has his/her own signa Read More

Bela Mehta

Scarsdale, N.Y

“Shreya’s artwork speaks to us personally in many ways. It adorns our home and brings a lot of warmth even though they are charcoal paintings. The “women behind the veil” was one of her first few collections that were displayed publicly. We are lucky to be one of the first few owners of Shreya’s beautiful artwork!”

Akshie & Tejas Shah

I love Shreya Mehta's artwork - it is a shining spot in my house with all this anxiety at the moment. (during Coivd19)

Jill Schultz


We have 3 works of Art by Shreya Mehta in our apartment and we absolutely love them all. We have three charcoal works and they are timeless and have beautiful messages that we feel from them when we walk past them. Whenever we have family and friends over they share the same love and feelings about the artwork that we do. Thank you Shreya Mehta for bringing this great energy into our home.

Sagar and Shamina Mehta

All elements of the Earth have intense powers to affect the environment in both negative and positive ways. If we show respect to each one, we will be nurtured and uplifted. The Ganga painting shows exactly that and that is why I was mesmerized by it. The lady in the water shows her respect to the water through her prayer and the meditation Read More

Priti and Ashit Parikh

I have known Shreya all my life and have seen her grow up to be an amazing artist and person. So when we moved into our new home, I was just too excited to have one of her arts. She made perfect fusioned glass OM and it adorns our living area beautifully.

Sneha Mehta

Mumbai, India

I first met Shreya at a friends house and when she told me she was an artist I got intrigued and requested her to show me some of her works. I flipped through the pictures on her phone and one particular piece just pulled me towards it. It was called “Being”. An elegantly made charcoal work of a pregnant lady looking into empty space with a se Read More

Sejal mehta

Ritz Penthouse , NY , USA


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