Artist Statement

A world of experiences lies in the human subconscious; a wealth of memories, connected layer by layer. It’s my journey to rediscover that spiritual dialogue between our mind, body, soul, and actions.

Both inspirational quotes, and my curiosity, ignite these ideas, and as I render them into visual art, they’re woven and encapsulated with the essence of line and beauty.

Shreya Mehta is an award-winning artist who explores issues of identity, gender, power and spirituality in a variety of mediums and styles.

Her art has been exhibited across the globe, from the New York Indian consulate, to Prime Minister Naredra Modi.

As the first, Indian woman accepted into the Royal Academy of Art in Belgium, she graduated with none other than the prestigious, V.R.I.K.A award.

Born in India, trained in Belgium, and now based in New York, Mehta brings a vibrant, global perspective to all her endeavors. With both representational, and abstract works, she defies categorization through her soulful and contemplative nature.

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