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Shreya: What are chakras? What do they do? 

Suchita: There are seven chakras or energy points throughout the body. Each chakra correlates to a specific color, which impacts us in a different way emotionally. If you feel frustrated at one point or something feels off-centered, your chakras are most likely out of balance. 

Shreya: What should you do if your chakras are not correctly aligned?

Suchita: It is important to emotionally check in with yourself by meditating or remaining aware of your body. By focusing on one’s self and spending 30-40 seconds per chakra, you could feel much more balanced. It is optimal to start at the bottom and work upwards then work back downwards. 

Suchita:  What inspired you to create a collection on the Chakras?

Shreya: Art is a sadhana for me. It is creative healing.  It was an exploration of the Chakras that I wanted to find the sacred connection between all the matter we consume (taste, see, hear, touch, smell).  I researched each Chakra and discovered the medicinal quality associated with each color

Root Chakra 

Suchita: If the red chakra is not balanced, I feel insecure, tired, and often have a sore lower back. Thus, to balance it, I drink ayurvedic teas infused with nutmeg and utilize Cedar or Vetiver essential oil.

Shreya: The red chakra symbolizes passion, which energizes and balances you. When I cannot focus, I often put a red object near me, and this allows me to become increasingly more productive.

Sacral Chakra

Shreya: The sacral chakra is related to physical healing and requires a call to action as it pertains to a physical aspect. For example, think of those orange “Buy Now” buttons on

Suchita: In addition to being responsible for reproductive health, the sacral chakra aids in balancing women’s hormones and governs feelings of intimacy and intuition. To balance the orange chakra, consume more cinnamon in cooking and teas. Ylang Ylang essential oil in addition to an aphrodisiac further balances the chakra.

Solar Plexus Chakra 

Shreya: The solar plexus or yellow chakra correlates with sunshine and happiness. The balancing of the chakra adds some sunshine to one’s life while aiding with decision making qualities. 

Suchita: To balance it, one may incorporate ginger teas or the spice into their daily diet while exploring the essential oil rosemary — this oil increases the flow of energy and balances the fire within one.

Heart Chakra 

Shreya: The green chakra is a nurturing color that connects to one’s heart center as well as natural forces. For example, putting a green plant next to me creates a more nurturing environment in which I feel more loved. Along with its vitality to emotions, the chakra deals with unconditional love and compassion. 

Suchita: Consequently, when out of balance, it can make us feel unwanted and hopeless; physical implications include upper back and shoulder pains as well as respiratory-related problems. To balance the chakra, one can use the herb arjuna either in powder or tablet form as well as the essential oil lavender. Whereas arjuna serves as a tonic for the heart, lavender is the mother of essential oils as it balances emotions and reduces anxiety. Also, eat more vibrant green veggies like spinach, bok choy, and herbs like cilantro and basil.

Throat Chakra 

Shreya: The throat or blue chakra relates to communication and connection. Because blue is such a calming and neutral color, the blue chakra helps to create a peaceful yet connective environment. The chakra influences all organs and tissues while dealing with communication and honesty.

Suchita: If balanced, one may feel independent and experience fluid thoughts; if it is unbalanced, one may have physical problems associated with their teeth and thyroid. The emotional implications include a lack of personal expression, decision making, and confidence. As it is an important chakra to balance, one can cook with the herb black pepper or infuse it in teas; the essential oil eucalyptus has also been proven to aid with sinus and throat problems. 

Third Eye Chakra 

Shreya: The third eye or purple chakra connects the mind and soul with the spiritual realm. The chakra controls the functions of several glands while cultivating feelings of intuition. Thus, when balanced one can think more clearly, and when not balanced one may lack concentration and experience migraines.

Suchita: Balancing this chakra is focal in one’s daily routine and can be done through the use of the herb bhumree and the essential oil sandalwood. Sandalwood works to increase mental alertness while simultaneously cooling and calming the mind.

Crown Chakra 

Suchita: The crown chakra is associated with the pineal gland and monitors sleep, awakening, and the release of melatonin, sleep. The balancing of this chakra can be done by the herb turmeric as it aids in sleep as well as the essential oil frankincense, which deepens meditation.

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