Karma Blue IV “Clarity”

Indigo Dye and 22 K gold leaf of Japanese paper. These works are created in the flow – very organically. Applying a resist technique & then submerging the entire paper into an Indigo dye bath. The results are strong lines within the cracks of the resist. The poem inspired by this work:- Clarity

And in the waves of confusion,
we laughed as life swept us off our feet.
And in the fire of destitution,
we claimed joy amidst the heat.
And despite all our tears,
and beyond all our pain;
We sought clarity,
and danced through our rain.


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Indigo Dye and 22K Gold Leaf on Muji Paper

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Vegan Blue Indigo Dye, 22K Gold Leaf on Muji Paper

Width x Height x Depth (inches)

38 x 26 x 1.5


Original, Signed by the Artist



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