Share and Care

Share and Care Foundation is a non-profit that is very dear to me.  The foundation has created opportunities for poor women and children in India. This includes providing secondary and college education, village upliftment through LokMitras, providing affordable healthcare, and programs that focus on women empowerment. Their goal is to make more rural communities self reliant, and ultimately reduce poverty in India. For decades, they’ve been supporting 800 programs, and each have resulted in countless success stories.

 One of their most notable is that of Shweta Katti.

 Coming from a penniless family, with an immensely abusive step-father, she was determined to make a better life for herself. After standing up to her step-father, she studied in classes run by a local NGO, and eventually earned a $30,000 scholarship at New York’s Bard College. She’s been recently named as one of Newsweek’s “25 Under-25 Young Women to Watch,” and had traveled throughout India to talk to young women about gender and sexuality. Share and Care foundation was instrumental in changing not only Shweta’s life but the ripples will positively change her family and communities future.

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