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I had a chance to collaborate with Tina Ramchandani about color therapy in the home. 

Shreya Mehta:

So, color is so important. “Color is a power which directly influences the soul” – that’s a quote from the painter Kandinsky. Colors are all around us. And they really influence our emotions; they can change the way we feel and react to different situations. So, color therapy can delve into the space of healing, soothing, and energizing. So, how does color play an effect in the home? 

Tina Ramchandani: 

Bedroom –  I typically do bedrooms with soft, soothing colors – soft blues, light greys, cooler tones, so your mind can rest after a long day. I try not to use bright, bold, or warm colors because I think that keeps you up and awake at night.”

Library/office – We try to do deep, rich tones like maroons, deep blues, hunter greens. I feel like when you walk into that all-encompassing color you feel secure; you feel calm, and you’re able to relax in that media room or library and be a little bit more vulnerable.”

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Living room – well, the kitchen I think is the center of the home – the living room is like the second center of the home. Here is where we typically incorporate cheerful colors as clients use this room most after work and on weekends. They want to feel uplifted so we’ll add in yellows, pinks, whites, and creams. It’s a nice, cheerful, pop of color.”

Powder room – one of the spaces that the family uses the least, guests use it the most, I like to make the powder room really pop. They’re usually smaller rooms, they can be like little gem rooms, I love using metallics in these rooms because you don’t have to compete with anything else and they can really stand on their own.”

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