Shreya with Devi

An organization who works to empower abandoned girls in India, either thrown out of families or orphaned, through education. Their goal is to give girls the ability to take charge of their lives, and make their own decisions. So they do this through teaching essential life skills, as well as traditional education.

I was introduced to the founders of C2C, Sumana and Sejal, and was immediately drawn to the cause.  

 The programs they provide range from financial literacy, to mental wellness, all implemented through tutor programs and holistic support. Currently, they work in four cities throughout India, with girls aged 13-18. 

For example, Devi, 16 years old, lived in a small village in Andhra Pradesh. After her mother died, her father abandoned them, leaving Devi to take care of her uncle and disabled sister. After withstanding abuse at home, at eight years old, Devi’s uncle sent her to be a maid in Hyderabad. Thankfully, the family she was sent to realized her situation, and found her CSS, a home for underprivileged girls. After having fought through her trauma, and bringing her sister to CSS, she’s studying to become a doctor, so that she can help other girls like her disabled sister. 

Choose to make a difference. Support education and changing lives by reserving an artwork.

Mehta at Commit2Change’s annual gala in Chicago. All artworks sold out.

Founders of C2C, Sumana and Sejal

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