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As an artist, I play with colors all day long. Whether it is mixing paints on a palette or crushing pigments, incorporating color is integral to my craft. I have always been intrigued by the color’s ability to evoke emotions.

I base the colors I use in my paintings around what I want the audience to feel. If I meditate, a practice of art that requires centering one’s spirit and body, I focus my mind on the colors and notice which ones are evoked.

Just as the case is with paintings, different color foods can evoke a variety of emotions as well.

This year the New York-based macarons brand, Woops!, and my foundation, Art for a Cause, partnered up to create a colorful Holi Collection of Macaroons. These are inspired by the seven chakras and the correlating colors. As you delve into each macaron, I urge you to not only focus on its deliciousness but the color you are consuming and its impact on you emotionally.

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