Vermillion Layers Mandala


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The text around the center gold disc is “Om Tat Sat”, which means “the truth that is.”
For me, Spiritual Identity starts with the question, “Who am I?”. This is a constant quest to the journey of consciousness. I explore this exact concept, this exact question within my Karma Series. Similarly to my Identity Series, I do this through a layering process, but by utilizing various materials. Each layer is symbolic to the spiritual process, starting with pure gold leaf which is adhered to with plant-based adhesive. The last layers are embroidered cotton threads that signify connection and protection. These layered pigment works are exploring the Jain philosophy of soul and karma –– an ancient Indian religion, teaching a path to spiritual purity and enlightenment through disciplined nonviolence to all living creatures. I use my creative process as a method of exploring these philosophies for myself –– I need to ”see” an abstract theory to believe it. These Karma pieces are, for me, a manifestation of this abstract philosophical thinking.

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22K gold Leaf, Vermillion pigment, Vermillion dyed cotton thread and 18K gold thread embroidered onto Primed linen canvas


Original Signed by Artist

Width x Height x Depth (inches)

Custom sizes up to 12×12 ft

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