Layers of Clay

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“A Landscape of Layers”

Everything is composed of layers—even the Earth itself.
What do layers do?
Layers give us depth, dimension, and dare I say a purpose. I am a budding humanitarian and a visual artist; I am a daughter and a mother; I am a wife and a mediator; I am a believer and a skeptic. I am not one thing nor would I want to be. Having layers allows me to immerse myself in multiple cultures while maintaining my unique perspective on life. Just like with everything else, I incorporate layers into my artwork because I find there to be a sense of beauty. Layers upon layers upon layers. In this piece, I layered shimmering gold, flowing water, and milky white rivers to create a cohesive landscape… the product is much more than any of the materials could create alone.

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Original, Signed by the Artist


bentonyite clay, gold and pumice on Washi paper mounted on wood panel

Width x Height x Depth (inches)


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