Landscape of Life

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Raw materials:

Canvas: The canvas of our life.
We are built of tiny fibers of karma that are woven into a canvas fabric.

Gold Leaf: Gold leaf has the properties of blocking negative energy.
As an artist, using gold has a dual purpose, not only does is it a divine material but it is also reflective. When we see gold, we see a reflection of our thoughts.

Saffron: Saffron is known as the spiritual thread.
It carries the power of fire. It has healing power and love.
Sandalwood: This is an auspicious material, that is symbolically used to calm the karmas down (anger, ego, greed, deceit). It has the power of compassion & recovery.
Both Sandalwood powder and Saffron are opposites and they work together to bring balance.

Raksha Potli strings:- These red strings are with mantras = our most important one = Navkar Mantra Therefore by tying the red string, one is able to destroy one’s negative qualities and gain clarity.

(Additional )By tying the red string, the blessings of Devis such as (Saraswati­ /Lakshmi) are received.
From the blessings of Saraswati receives fame and knowledge, from the blessings of Lakshmi­ one gets protection power from evils and wealth.

Lace:- Lace represents our compassion & empathy.
Cement: Cement texture represents strength & foundation.
Both Lace and cement work hand in hand, like yin and yang – one does not exist in the world without the other = symbolizing marriage.

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This work is custom created, please inquire for more details


Original Signed by Artist


22K gold Leaf, Vermillion dyed cotton thread. Cement, White Lace on Primed linen canvas

Width x Height x Depth (inches)

Custom sizes up to 12×12 ft

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